16 Uses for Lavender Essential Oil

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This is one of my favorite essential oils and probably many peoples. There’s a reason that Lavender essential oil is called the “Swiss Army Knife” of essential oils…because it is so versatile and has so many uses! I’ve heard many people say “when in doubt…use lavender! Keep reading for a list of 16 common uses for lavender essential oil:

Top 16 Uses for Lavender Oil:

Relaxation – It is a great tool to help you relax and unwind. Put 6-10 drops in a bath with Epsom salts or diffuse 5-8 drops before bedtime. You can also apply topically on the wrists or behind the ears.
Bug Bites and Bee Stings –  Applying 1 or 2 drops of lavender on insect bites can help with itching a swelling.

Cuts and Burns – Putting a few drops of Lavender can help with the stinging pain of burns and help disinfect cuts.
Bug Repellent – Lavender along with purification essential oils can help keep bugs away.
Upset Stomach – Apply 1-2 drops on the wrists or behind the ear for motion sickness.
Sleep Aid – It is wonderful for relaxation and easing a busy mind. I like to diffuse it next to my bed before sleeping or add a couple drops to my pillow.
Eczema – Along with coconut oil as a carrier oil especially can help with eczema.
Headaches – Diffuse a few drops of lavender or apply to wrists or temples to help with a tension headache.
Sunburns – You can apply a few drops directly to a sunburn for relief. You can also mix a few drops with aloe vera and rub it on the sunburn.
Dry Lips – Mix 1 drop of lavender and 1/2-1 tsp of coconut oil for dry or chapped lips.

Do you have any more uses for lavender essential oil? Share below.

Hyperactivity – It can be very helpful for hyperactive children. Diffuse a few drops or put 2-4 drops on the wrists or behind the ears.
Jet Lag – Use a roll on fitment (one of these comes in the Young Living Premium Starter Kit). It makes applying lavender easy while traveling.
Poison Ivy/Oak – Apply a couple drops of lavender to the affected area for itch relief.
Teeth Grinding – If you grind your teeth during your sleep, diffusing lavender during the night can help. It’s great for relaxation and releases tension.
Moth repellent – Add a couple drops of lavender to cotton balls and place in closets to keep away moths.

Use in the laundry – apply to wool balls before putting in the dryer, for that clean laundry smell!

So if there one oil you could take with you, it should be Lavender!

Do you know of any more uses for Lavender essential oil? Share them here!

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