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I have been a health care professional since 2004. And now as a Massage + Wellness Practitioner I have created a space at the WELLTODO Life to combine my work with my passion for self-care since 2011. I have been creating soaps, skin care and health products for myself, family and friends since 1996. That is when I first discovered, and started experimenting with the power of essential oils. This is also around the time I started reading about Ayurvedic medicine, and the benefits of incorporating it into our lives. The Welltodo Life is about helping you get back to the basics and live a happy healthy life!

Donna Kerfoot

We are a little obsessed with helping you to love your life..

Nobody is perfect…just like the me with the WELLTODO Life it takes time to create + is constantly evolving as we learn + grow. And we all need help along the way..that is why we are here..

the WELLTODO Life was launched by Donna Kerfoot, a Certified Massage + Wellness Practitioner, to bring together a community committed to bringing you the reader, the best in wellness lifestyle resources. We offer a variety of expert/sage insights, healthy recipes, natural beauty, DIYS & HOW-TOS, and toxin-free living ideas,  + of course our all natural skincare products + seasonal cleanses. Our team’s goal is to inspire you to live your best life well


We make the highest quality of product, in the most responsible way.

We produce our products + deliver our services in White Rock, B.C. We buy high quality local organic or wildcrafted where available. We take pride in delivering a high quality service + product to our clientele


the WELLTODO Life, a Indie wellness + natural beauty brand blending our massage wisdom with preventable health + natural skincare products. Like everyone we like it when people send us some lovin...

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