Health Benefits of Lime Water

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What are the Health Benefits of Lime water?

The little green fruit and its sweet juices promote health benefits such as; Weight loss, healthier Eyes, helps fight urinary disorders. But it also promotes healthier skin, a healthier digestion track, and helps with the treatment of scurvy. Along with quite a few other health benefits, this little green fruit, while being tasty is also one of the best fruits to ingest.

Where do we find lime being used?

Lime is commonly consumed in various refreshing drinks, it can also be found in various things such as; sorbets, jellies, jams, and its oils are used in a large assortment of soft drinks for its flavor and its digestive benefits, as well as cosmetics for its beneficial topical properties and health properties for the human body!

Health benefits of lime water

Limes and Weight Loss?

They have a very high citric acid content, and citric acid is a very strong fat burner. Think grapefruit, only limes taste better and have 2 times the citric acid content!. Taking the steps to use lime for weight loss is as simple as adding it to your daily water intake. Adding lime juice to just two or three glasses of water throughout your day can help boost your weight loss. The juice in cold water is a great and refreshing drink, which not only promotes weight loss but cools you down significantly more so than a regular bottle of water would! While being a fat burner, lime juice is also an excellent anti-oxidant. This helps your quest of losing weight by removing the toxins in your body. Keeping you squeaky clean and ultimately feeling better overall.

health benefits of lime water

Do You Know the Health Benefits of Lime Water and Skin Care?

Did you know Lime juices and oils are exceptionally beneficial to the skin? Lime juice, consumed orally, or lime oil, applied topically, rejuvenate skin. while also keeping the human skin healthy, and shiny, it helps fight infections. The health benefits of lime water can also be attributed to helping fight body odor due to its high content of vitamin-C and flavonoids. And Limes are full of anti-oxidants, anti-biotic, and disinfectants (Which means limes also help with acne!)

Limes and its juices are also known to help eliminate bruises, cure dandruff, and also clean your skin due to its acidic contents, breaking down the old and dead skin cells.


Lime and Digestion?

Limes are delicious, the sweet aroma of a lime usually makes even the driest of mouths drool. The fact that lime can do this, pretty much means you are digesting the lime even before you eat it, due to the fact that your mouth is already filling up with digestive salivas. (So in a sense, the more you drool, the faster you break down food!) After you’ve stuffed yourself, your stomach acids and the acidic content of the lime finishes the job, but because of the high acidic content, your stomach doesn’t have to work as hard to break down the food!

Limes and Eye Care?

Limes and their antioxidant properties help protect your eyes from aging, and macular degeneration. The flavonoids from the lime, also help protect them from infections! (Whats a flavonoid? These little guys are more like the cavalry to white blood cells, they help your body fight off infections, inflammation etc.)

Limes and Constipation?

The high acidic content found in a lime helps clear the excretory system by washing and cleaning off the tracks (Pretty much the same concept drain cleaning agents like draino clears and cleans drains!). Then the roughage in the lime is also helpful in eliminating constipation, though it is mainly due to its acid. A natural laxative can be conjured up with lots of lime juice and salt, this is an all natural and safe way to clean your system!

health benefits of lime water

Limes and Your Mouth!

Usually the root causes of gum problems are deficiency of vitamin-C (Scurvy, which gives bleeding and spongy gums) Sometimes, the ulcers and injuries or wounds from bones, hard objects etc. are also the causes. In all of these, lime is once again the little trooper that can help you. The vitamin-C content in lime cures scurvy, and its troopers, the flavonoids, inhibit microbial growth and the potassium combined with the flavonoids help heal ulcers and wounds.

Other benefits.

Limes and their amazing health benefits have been known to help with various diseases, disorders and symptoms, such as; diabetes, fatigue, high fevers, various heart disease, colon cancer and prostate cancer as well as rheumatism and arthritis! (Super-fruit right?)


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