Do you want to know how to make your own DIY pre-workout supplement from ingredients found in your kitchen? If you are anything like me you start to lose steam half way through your workout and then give up altogether! Or maybe you just feel like you aren’t pushing yourself to your full potential. This may come as a surprise to you but what you put into your body prior to that workout is the game changer.

Eating with intention can improve your performance in many areas of your life by providing you with the right nutrients to help your body feel its best. Supplements and foods can aid in giving you an all-natural energy boost and maximize muscle gain while aiding in post-workout recovery, without the added sugar from commercial energy drinks. These commercial supplements could also contain genetically modified ingredients and other chemicals. that is why we are teaching you how to DIY your post workout supplement.

Making your own post workout supplement with all those ingredients you probably already have on hand is pretty easy. Some you bought but then didn’t know what to do with and others are on your weekly shopping list or already in the cupboard staple section. Start with a few things that you like and will make it more appealing to you, such as chia seeds, frozen fruit, a banana will make it creamy, hemp hearts for fiber and protein.

Then add: Ingredients for Your Pre-workout Supplement


1) Supergreens

Kale, spinach, and broccoli are filled with chlorophyll that will detoxify and oxygenate our cells. Amino acids that will provide your body with energy, potassium, calcium, and magnesium are essential minerals the body loses during a workout. Greens also contain vitamins c, d, k, e, and beta carotene, these vitamins have been proven to fight free radical damage.

Excessive exercise can result in the body producing in free radicals causing cellular damage and short term oxidative stress to the tissues. By loading up on super greens you can prevent free radicals from causing damage on a cellular level. Add a handful of these greens to your smoothie for optimum cellular support.


2) Adaptogens

Endurance and stamina are considerably increased with adaptogens. One adaptogen, in particular, Ashwagandha increases stamina and endurance during activity, as it reduces pain and sharpens brain function.  Adaptogens help your body on a whole to heal and gently deal with stress and fatigue.

Ashwagandha has the ability to balance adrenal hormones, so by adding this to your pre-workout supplement, you can start feeling less exhausted, more focused thus creating a better workout.

3) Vitamins

Vitamins are extremely important especially Vitamin B12 for a successful exercise routine. It converts carbs into glucose to be used by the body for creating new red blood cells and repairing cell damage. Vitamin B12 is a component of neurotransmitters that signal your muscles to contract to give you energy. Just empty a Vit B12 capsule into the blender when making your pre-workout supplement smoothie. It will aid in your post-workout recovery, by repairing muscle.

4) Electrolytes

Food and fluids provide our body with electrolytes, but we lose them through elimination, sweat, and exercise.  We are normally able to maintain a healthy balance but sometimes we don’t always eat the healthiest or exercise too much or too little causing an imbalance. The cure, coconut water is known for its amazing electrolyte replacing capabilities. Just add coconut water to your pre-workout supplement smoothie for a boost of hydrating electrolytes.


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