What You Need to Make Wool Dryer Balls

100% Wool Yarn Or Other 100% Animal Yarn Pantyhose (Upcycling Idea: Reuse pantyhose with runs in them) That’s it!

Directions: How to make wool dryer balls

1. Take the end of the yarn and wrap it around your middle and index finger 10 times. Now, remove it from the fingers and then wrap 2-3 times around the middle (it should look like a bow). This will be the start of how you make wool dryer balls.

2. Keep tightly wrapping the yarn around the start, working toward making a round shape. Once your ball is roughly the size of a softball (I like to make mine a little larger) cut the yarn and tuck the ends into the sides of the ball. Repeat this process until you have created four or more balls of yarn.

3. Now, cut one leg off of the pantyhose. Place one ball into the bottom of the leg and tie a knot right above the ball with the pantyhose to secure it in place. Repeat until all the balls have been added and tied.

4. Once the balls are tightly secured in the pantyhose, put them in the washer (can be with a load of your dirty laundry) and wash on the hottest setting(for 2-3 washes). This allows the yarn to felt. Felting will make the yarn fuse together, resulting in a solid ball. Once it has been washed 2-3 times, dry it thoroughly in the dryer at the highest heat setting. 5. After the balls are completely dry, remove them from the pantyhose and they’re ready for use! Before drying your next load of laundry, add your favorite essential oil to 4-6 dryer balls, toss them in the dryer, and enjoy the soft, fluffy, wonderful-smelling fruits of your labor. Editor’s tip: 2-3 drops of essential oil per ball should last a few loads. Add more drops if you would like a stronger scent. This is all it takes to make wool dryer balls.

Other Laundry Tips:

For an even extra burst of essential oils in your clothing, place a washcloth with a few drops of essential oil into your dryer. Laundry will come out smelling beautiful! No fake lavender smell here! Add a few drops of Lemon essential oil to your wash cycle to help remove grease and oil from fabrics. For extra soft clothing, add 1/2 cup vinegar (a natural fabric softener) to your washer with each load. Don’t worry, your clothes will not smell like vinegar once dry. Give it a try! Your friends and family will love these, they will be wanting you to show them how to make wool dryer balls.

You can make wool dryer balls a little larger if you wish. I think they are easier to find in the clothes when they are larger.

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