Feeling Like…

You Need a Massage.

Are you tired, run off your feet, going here there & everywhere for your kid’s school & after school activities. Sounds like you need some self-care. How about a massage? Get in touch with Us, Donna Kerfoot Massage in White Rock, B.C. 604-724-5286

Just Chill

We come to you, you can come to us. Or you can even hold a spa night/day for your closest BF’s. Don’t worry we take care of everything, you just have to show up and chill for awhile. Contact us for details.

Powerful Yet Simple

Donna Kerfoot’s work transcends her healing and organic skin care collection to encompass teachings and practices on holistic health and wellness – a lifestyle approach that takes into account the well-being of a person as a whole benefitting each individual on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. To schedule an appointment or a customized consultation, please contact us at 1-604-724-5286. We are also available at

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