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Donna Kerfoot is the #1 provider of residential, workplace, meeting and event based Onsite chair massage therapy in White Rock and throughout the lower mainland.  All Practitioners are licensed  & certified massage Practitioners.

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CHAIR MASSAGE is a method of muscle manipulation, pressure point therapy and energy balancing applied to specific points throughout the body while the client is comfortably seated in a chair specifically designed for this purpose.

What makes chair massage different from other more familiar table-based massage techniques?

-The session is performed at your location so no time is lost in transit.
-During the session, the client is positioned fully clothed (no disrobing is required) and comfortably seated in a specially designed massage chair.
-Chair Massage is unintrusive. If needed, elegant Japanese screens may be added to create a semi-private place to set up.
-No oil or cream is used during the session.
-In just 5 – 15 minutes, the client can experience complete relaxation through the release of stress and tension.
-Special attention is focused on the 7 most common high-stress areas including the scalp, neck, shoulders, back, arms, hands, and feet.
-The client’s appearance is not disturbed so they can return to work immediately.


 On-Site Chair massage can provide a relaxing and therapeutic experience for your staff and clientele in many ways including:

-Relief from aching muscles
-Soothing nerves & boosting morale
-Increased mental clarity
-Heightened productivity
-Reduction of stress and tension.

When you hire the Chair Massage Company and bring Onsite massage to your event you will receive the following:

-The finest professional, courteous, experienced uniformed therapists and specialized  body workers;

-Elegant rice paper screens for privacy (if requested) Relaxing sounds and portable music (if desired) The finest massage therapists and specialized body workers.

-All our therapists are also skilled in foot reflexology and are personally interviewed and screened.

Discounts are available if multiple therapists are used.

Create Your Own In-Booth Stress Reduction Spa
Turn a 10” by 10” into a no-stress zone with mind-calming creative visualization, jasmine-lavender oil Aromatherapy, reflexology and On-Site Chair Massage.

the WELLTODO Lifestyle

For more information and pricing for events/on-site chair massage please contact by email or phone 604-724-5286

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